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About Us

It all started during the Cretaceous period...

Flowering plants emerged some 120 million years ago, during the dinosaur age. Today, flowering plants represent about 85 percent of green plants. 

Learn which flowers attract the most bees and butterflies.

Urban & Suburban Sustainable Lifestyle Media

Agnearme.com is dedicated to connecting people who live in urban and suburan America with agricultural lifestyle educational media across all channels – search/social, radio, podcast, streaming networks, and broadcast television.


How can I live an agricultural lifestyle with just a backyard or less?

Learn how to grow native plants and attract native pollinators with easy to understand how-to guides and DIY project plans. Test your knowledge with Games and Quizzes about urban and suburban agricultural practices.

A Special Thanks to Our Partners

Prairie View A&M University

Serving all of Texas

With a central Texas location, Prairie View A&M University is just outside of the 4th major city in America, Houston, and within a short drive to the “Silicoln Valley of the South”, Austin.

The extension provides unique programs, tools, and resources to Texas residents about at-home agriculture practices.

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Our Current Media

We are working hard to churn out content about pollination for the spring in Central Texas or the Austin and San Antonio areas.

Our audience can expect to learn about attracting native pollinators with simple DIY project plans, easy to understand how-to guides, quizzes and games, and quick bites of information across social media.